T a r ì R e s t a u r a n t

Tarì Restaurant

Tarì is a dive into the past, where the real wealth is the land and its fruits. A gastronomic journey between excellence, flavors and tradition.

Tarì offers the perfect combination of tradition and experimentation. Each dish is a unique combination of flavours, colours and fragrances, merging into a unique sensory experience. We strive to surprise our guests with innovative culinary creations, without ever forgetting the roots and traditions of our land.

To fully meet the needs of our guests, we offer a traditional a la carte menu, with a wide selection of dishes, as well as a half board or full board menu for those who wish to enjoy a complete culinary experience during their stay.


The Kitchen

Our cuisine offers a fascinating blend of tradition and innovation, in which authentic local flavours blend in harmony with bold combinations and creative presentations. Prepare to enjoy a unique dining experience, in which every bite will tell you a story about taste and passion for quality.


Discovering the first fruits of our vegetable garden

A wonderful vegetable garden, a place where nature comes to life and where our passion for fresh, high-quality ingredients is experienced every day. This direct connection with nature allows us to offer a range of authentic and genuine flavours that reflect the seasonality and freshness of our ingredients.